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DRV-Z1 Launch Tour (US & MX) – World’s First 3D Stereo Digital Viewer

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Vision Engineering are hosting one-day open house events for customers and media in across 5 locations in USA and Mexico to see the DRV-Z1 – the world’s first 3D stereo digital viewer with zoom.

  • DRV-Z1 brand new digital 3D display technologyWorcester, MA – June 11th
  • Orlando, FL – June 13th
  • Lisle,  IL – June 18th
  • Fremont, CA – June 20th
  • Tijuana, MX – June 25th

The DRV-Z1 is a first-of-its-kind technology that enables operators to view ultra-high definition 3D images, without wearing special glasses, or a VR headset. This is a true leapfrog technology for the manufacturing, design, engineering and research & development arenas.

Unlike most new technologies,  in this instance, seeing is literally believing. That’s because unlike every traditional industrial digital microscope before it, the DRV-Z1 has no screen: the 3D image ‘floats’ in front of a mirror in striking clarity. It’s technology so advanced it can’t be photographed or reproduced anywhere else.

The Vision Engineering team will be on hand to explain the core technology, answer questions and discuss the many ways potential applications for this new technology across a range of industrial and design applications, including:

  • Enabling real-time global collaboration by allowing users to to view and manipulate the same image in real time from interconnected DRV-Z1 viewers.
  • Advancing the quality control process by providing operators with unparalleled 3D visual acuity and flexibility, in an easy to operate, ergonomically optimized system.
  • Allowing anyone who models in 3D – mechanical engineers, graphic artists, component designers – to do so in a fully rendered, real-time environment with unprecedented image clarity.

To reserve your place at the DRV-Z1 launch Register here.

Space is limited so please register early to secure your place.

Vision Engineering Ltd 60 year anniversary logo

Vision Engineering Celebrates 60 years with Clear Focus on the Future

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Vision Engineering reaches a milestone this month, celebrating 60 years of manufacturing inspection and non-contact measurement systems. The privately held company was founded in the UK in 1958 by Rob Freeman, a tool-maker with the Jaguar racing team. While at Jaguar, Rob developed a borescope for inspecting internal race engine parts without the need for disassembly. Rob’s engineering background and drive to design solutions, set the foundation for Vision Engineering’s success.

Renown for inventing Mantis, the world’s first eyepiece-less stereo microscope, Vision Engineering holds several world patents for the optical technology used in their inspection and metrology systems. Mantis was launched nearly 25 years ago as a solution to address the issues microscope operators face. The Mantis design allows users to retain a natural viewing posture when using a microscope so they are more comfortable and able to work for longer periods of time without neck strain or eye fatigue. Mantis is used across the world in electronics, medical device, packaging, automotive and aerospace industries and for any application requiring inspection and rework.

The importance of ergonomics in microscopy was pioneered by Vision Engineering and Mantis. Mantis has evolved significantly since its original design and Vision Engineering is currently manufacturing the 4th generation Mantis. In 1994 Mantis manufacturing moved to Connecticut, USA, where it is still manufactured today.

The company attributes their success to innovation and developing new technology to improve quality in manufacturing, by inspection and measurement. Mark Curtis, Managing Director, Vision Engineering explains,

Significant R&D investment in optical and digital technology continues with recent patented technological breakthroughs heralding the next step in innovation and market penetration for Vision Engineering”

Vision Engineering has come a long way since 1958, from its humble beginnings in a workshop with a dozen employees. In June 2017 an 84,000ft2 Global Headquarters opened in Send, Woking, United Kingdom. Vision Engineering now employs more than 220 people worldwide.

Vision Luxo range of industrial illuminated bench magnifiers

Vision Luxo industrial bench magnifier range

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Vision Engineering’s collaboration with Luxo Corporation, provides a range of illuminated industrial bench magnifiers offering outstanding performance for a range of manufacturing, assembly and inspection tasks.

These quality bench magnifiers provide perfect balance and flexibility for efficient working, always ensuring they stay in the right position without drifting.

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Camβ (CamBeta) - a new digital inspection magnifier for portable inspection and documentation

Camβ (CamBeta) – digital handheld magnifier

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Camβ (CamBeta) – a new digital inspection magnifier for portable inspection and documentation.
This new handheld inspection device is suitable for a wide range of applications and provides magnification up to 20x, stores up to 20,000 images and uses grids and cursors for X & Y dimensioning, simply where you want, when you want..

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360 degree rotating viewer for Lynx EVO and EVO Cam II microscopes

360° rotating viewer for Lynx EVO and EVO Cam II microscopes

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360° rotating viewer for Lynx EVO stereo microscopes and EVO Cam II digital microscopes.

Find hidden details and features in many applications. The ultimate microscope inspection accessory permits a 360° full rotating view of an object (at an angle of 34 °).

The 360° rotation provides enhanced observation for many applications, including electronics (PCB solder joints, holes, pillars and thread forms), mechanical, medical and plastics components. The operator can easily switch from a 360° rotating view to a conventional direct view for ultimate comfort.

Introducing Swift PRO non-contact measuring systems

Introducing Swift PRO non-contact measuring systems

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A simple 2 minute introduction to Swift PRO non-contact measuring systems in action.

Swift PRO is the only measuring system that combines video edge detection with an ergonomic measuring microscope so you can measure both routine and difficult to view features easily with the same system.

Video measurement is ideal for measuring components with clearly defined edges. Optical measurement is ideal for features difficult to view, such as clear or coloured plastics or annular features on metal parts

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TVM field of view measurement system

New TVM instant FOV measurement system launched at Control, Stuttgart

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A new fast and flexible field of view measurement for quality assurance

Vision Engineering will showcase its new TVM Field of View (FOV) video measurement systems at Control, Stuttgart Exhibition Centre [Hall 7 Booth 7400]. The system combines time-saving instant field of view measurements with versatile measurement tools that cater to the needs of operators on the shop floor.

The system’s small footprint saves space in the workshop or laboratory, while TVM’s exceptional ease of use eliminates operator errors and significantly reduces time, providing a valuable asset for a wide range of quality assurance applications, such as instant go/no go assessments.

TVM20 and TVM35 video measurement systems

As with other measurement and inspection systems from Vision Engineering, the TVM systems can be configured to suit specific applications. The fixed stage FOV system enables instant, accurate measurements of small components, while the addition of a manually-controlled stage extends measurement for larger components up to 200mm x 100mm.

The combination of a flat field telecentric lens and collimated sub-stage lighting facilitates TVM’s measurement of components of any shape or form, including turned parts, pressed metal components, injection moulded plastics, tubes and cables.

TVM series comprises of two systems, TVM20 and TVM35, with field of view (FOV) sizes of 20mm and 35mm respectively. Both systems are designed to meet rigorous quality assurance applications in electronics, automotive, aerospace, medical and plastics manufacturing: offering rapid, accurate non-contact measurement. Components can be instantly measured within the field of view, with no need to adjust the focus or change the position of the subject under inspection.

TVM’s comprehensive, user-friendly software supports a broad range of applications delivering the precision and clarity that would be expected from expensive high end video measurement systems. The rich suite of features includes simple data import/export, image stitching and reporting facilities.

Built on Vision Engineering’s sixty years of optical inspection and metrology expertise, the TVM 20 and TVM 35 are precision-manufactured in the UK at Vision Engineering’s new global headquarters.

Commenting on the launch of the TVM series, Mark Curtis, Managing Director of Vision Engineering said:

We’ve listened to our customers and combined the best parts of our existing metrology range into a compact system that really offers fast and flexible measurement to meet the needs of QC/QA requirements. This marks a new era of high accuracy field of view measuring.”

EVO Cam II digital microscope in the workshop

EVO Cam II, next generation of high definition digital microscope

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The next generation of the extremely popular EVO Cam digital microscope has been launched. Excellent image quality, intuitive operation and a host of new features are available at your fingertips with Vision Engineering’s new EVO Cam II.

Ideally suited for close inspection and recording of high resolution images the next-generation EVO Cam II benefits from the addition of user customisable overlays, on-board measurement and Wi-Fi image transfer. All supported by a 30:1 optical zoom and a maximum magnification of up to 3,600x.

EVO Cam II replaces the original EVO Cam which is already used for inspection of electronics, medical devices, precision engineering, life sciences and much more.

EVO Cam II digital microscope inspecting metal tools

High definition images can be captured and stored directly to a USB memory stick. When connected to a PC, images and video can be easily captured, stored and shared. A Wi-Fi dongle even allows direct sharing with PCs, laptops, tablet computers and smartphones.

Simple on-screen measurement can be performed with the aid of virtual callipers and scalable grids. Live images can also be compared to user customisable overlays, increasing efficiency of use.

A completely new graphical user interface and intuitive controls with 10 presets, allow for rapid swapping out of subjects under inspection, making EVO Cam II ideal for multiple users in high speed production environments. A remote control option is available to maximise the ergonomic operation of the microscope when used over prolonged periods.

EVO Cam II features a powerful LED ring light and sub-stage lighting for viewing translucent samples. A UV ring light accessory is also available for electronic and other specific applications. High contrast subjects, such as reflective metals used in electronics and automotive manufacturing can be viewed in more detail using EVO Cam II’s Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) mode.

For additional clarity, EVO Cam II is launched along with a new range of objective lenses to deliver pin sharp images, high in detail and contrast. Vision Engineering’s unique 360° rotating viewer is ideal for hard to handle subjects, delivering direct and 34° angled views, which can be rotated 360° around the point of interest, allowing inspection of the sides and base of samples.

Mark Curtis, Managing Director, Vision Engineering said:

We are excited to complement our Mantis and Lynx EVO eyepiece-less stereo microscope range with the EVO Cam II. This new digital microscope offers exceptional image quality for inspection, research and manipulation, and can be utilised for thousands of inspection tasks.”

SMLE 18 Thank you

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Thank you for your interest in Vision Engineering’s Lynx EVO summer promotion. We will contact you shortly.

Vision Engineering has over 120 stock holding distributors around the World to be sure you are able to access our patented Stereo Microscopes, optical measuring systems and our expanding range of inspection products. Our sales staff and distributors are fully trained, so you can expect professional and knowledgeable representatives in your area to discuss your technical inspection or measurement requirement.

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CamBeta handheld digital magnifier

Inspect where you want with new Camβ digital magnifier

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Introducing Camβ (CamBeta) – a new digital inspection magnifier for portable inspection and documentation. The new magnifier is a handheld inspection device, suitable for a wide range of applications. Camβ provides magnification up to 20x, stores up to 20,000 images and uses grids and cursors for X & Y dimensioning, simply where you want, when you want.

CamBeta handheld digital magnifier for machine inspection

With a high resolution colour display, easy button operation and image capture/download capability, Camβ is ideal for roaming inspection tasks, documenting faults and inspecting large or immobile subjects. Camβ has been equipped with a dual LED illumination, with 4 settings; high contrast imaging and 30 frames video capture capabilities. A live-view video output via micro HDMI allows for the display of images on a larger screen suitable for training purposes.

Camβ offers a convenient way of meeting critical inspection and documentation requirements. The simple design of the Camβ helps to optimise the inspection process, as it requires minimal training to ensure all users can adequately perform their job. When time is of the essence the portable design of the Camβ also helps to speed up the process of inspection and decision making for operators.

The Camβ is well suited in production environments where company policy disallows the use of mobile phones. Its lightweight and ergonomic design is superior to that of a smartphone, with one-handed operation making the Camβ easy to manage and manipulate. The handle of the Camβ also provides a secure grip allowing it to be used with either a left or right hand, to suit.

Camβ is ideal for a number of applications such as electronics, mechanical, automotive, watchmaking, plastics engineering, medical and ultimately wherever fast digital documentation is needed – in one step, using one tool!