May 20, 2013

Swift video measuring system provides a powerful alternative to a shadowgraph.

Vision Engineering’s Swift is a video measuring system with a high resolution camera and a precision built measuring stage, allowing engineers to measure individual components within microns.

The Swift video measuring system delivers all of the measurement requirements of a shadowgraph but with image capture, profile and surface feature measurement, and full reporting and programming capability.

Swift Video Measuring System

This system has already proven very popular with engineers looking for a basic 2 axis video measurement system or to update an aging shadowgraph system. Swift offers advanced technology and calibrated measurement in a compact, intuitive and user friendly machine.

The Swift has an option for incorporating an optical head for viewing and measuring parts that video systems are unable to capture. The Swift features an intelligent touch screen PC, full programming functionality, on screen zoom facility and reporting capability. There is also an optional function for a CAD overlay.

Swift is one of many measurement solutions from Vision Engineering Limited, manufacturing in the UK since 1958.

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