October 13, 2010

Even better ergonomic viewing of PCBs provided by Lynx LED stereo microscope

Vision Engineering Limited is launching an updated Lynx LED stereo microscope with oblique and direct viewer.

Now employing LED illumination and an oblique and direct viewer, the Lynx provides a full 360°-view around the PCB for 34° angled inspection of solder joints and pad alignment that can often be hard to reach by usual stereo inspection methods.

The Lynx stereo zoom microscope is widely used in the electronics industry providing unrivalled ergonomic performance and optimum clarity with superb optics.

Lynx LED stereo microscope

In addition, the Lynx now benefits from LED illumination, projecting brighter, whiter, long-life illumination on the PCB.

Consumable costs have also been greatly reduced with costs decreasing by more than 80% and lamp life lasting up to an impressive 10,000 hours. The dimmable LEDs allow for every application to benefit from the precise intensity of illumination.

The LED illumination can now be used in conjunction with the impressive oblique and direct viewer.

Coupled with the switchable direct view and the benefits of stereo viewing offered by the Lynx inspection microscope, surface features can be easily inspected in three dimensions without moving the work piece.

It is ideal for inspecting device leads, PCB via holes, connectors, solder joints, solder bumps on SMT, TAB and ball-grid array devices, and precision wafer bumping characteristics. It is this technology that is used in parallel to automated processes, maximizing the quality of PCBs.

Lynx LED stereo microscope

Manual inspection plays an important role alongside automated systems or where automated systems are not a cost-effective option and since technology is constantly changing and components are evolving.

Optical inspection provides a magnified view for engineers so they apply their expertise and knowledge to individual case by case scenarios and imperfections.

With over 50 years of stereoscopic expertise, Vision Engineering’s patented optical technology brings the stereo microscope into the 21st century, breaking the mould of the traditional, uncomfortable microscope.

The latest evolution of Vision Engineering’s patented ‘eyepieceless’ technology not only removes the need for the restrictive eyepieces of a conventional microscope, but provides the user with the ability to see high detail, in complete comfort.

Vision Engineering’s continuing research and development program is set to produce more award-winning, innovative products.

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