October 19, 2012

Comfortable PCB Rework Solutions with the stereo range of inspection systems

Vision Engineering provides a family of optical inspection systems that are ideal for electronics rework.

Vision Engineering provides a family of optical inspection systems that are ideal for electronics rework.

The close pitch used in many of today’s PCB’s makes the use of magnifying systems vital when carrying out manual rework of components and solder joints.

To view components and solder joints, an operator’s working position and eye fatigue can quickly cause discomfort causing a drop in efficiency. These problems have been addressed by Vision Engineering in the design of their stereo microscope range.

An operator needs to see a clear, bright, magnified image of the PCB, and be able to hold a soldering iron from above with a full range of movement around the board. Two of the ‘industry proven’ solutions from Vision Engineering are the Mantis inspection magnifier and the Lynx stereo zoom microscope.

Low cost ergonomic stereo microscope

Mantis has proven to be extremely successful in the electronics sector, with thousands of units worldwide currently being used in rework applications. Because the Mantis stereo microscope is low cost and simple to use, it can be operated where previously a bench magnifier or head mounted loop would have been used.

Low cost ergonomic stereo microscope

However, unlike these tools, the optical ergonomic advantages of the Mantis allow a high degree of user head movement which can dramatically reduce fatigue.

Operators can quickly transfer their gaze from the viewed image to the component, without causing eye strain. Using a 2x magnification with Mantis gives a working distance of more than 170mm – ideal when using a soldering iron.

Incredible depth of field for soldering under the microscope

Lynx advanced stereo zoom microscope

The Lynx advanced stereo zoom microscope adds higher magnification and increased functionality to the benefits of the Mantis. Using a zoom range from 3.5x – 20x magnification, a working distance of 175mm is perfect for rework, allowing the operator to move a PCB and soldering iron underneath the microscope.

In addition, the large depth of field provided by Lynx means that soldered components can be viewed with a bright, well contrasted image even when there is some variation in the height of the components and solder joints.

The optional oblique viewing accessory allows components to be viewed from various rotated angles, offering inspection all the way around a component.

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