November 09, 2012

Digital magnifier for portable inspection launched

CamZ is the first production-capable digital magnifier with 4.3 "TFT LCD” display, providing a truly portable inspection solution.

The CamZ handheld digital magnifier enables users to capture images, document information and make measurement comparisons, all while on the go.

CamZ - Portable Digital Magnification

CamZ digital magnifier is for all types of inspection and great for inaccessible places, ideal for mobile documentation of manufacturing or assembly errors, especially useful for immobile subjects.

Vision Engineering’s CamZ magnifier produces a crisp, high contrast image with an adjustable 4-14 times magnification.

By pressing a single button, the images can be frozen and stored in the internal memory as required and can store up to 100 images which can be processed on a PC via USB.

Simple measurement comparisons can be made in X, Y by using the grid and cursor function. Designed for ergonomic one-handed operation, the CamZ is light weight and comes in a durable carrying case, with a USB transfer cable, and charger included.

CamZ - Portable Digital Magnification

Suitable for use in electronics, engineering, plastics engineering, medical, pharmacy, biology, laboratory, incoming and outgoing inspection, research and development, design, and wherever fast digital documentation is needed - in one step, using one tool!

Image: CamZ being used for PCB Inspection

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