May 17, 2012

NEW Swift - Intuitive 2-Axis Video Measuring System…

Vision Engineering has launched their latest measurement solution, designed to provide effortless video measurement in 2-axis.

Swift Video Measuring System

Vision Engineering’s comprehensive range of optical and video dimensional measurement solutions, has now been extended with their latest video measurement system – the Swift, one of the most intuitive, easy to use video measuring systems available.

Designed to allow engineers to obtain effortless measurement data of their precision components, using a high resolution video camera, the Swift is compact yet powerful, providing accurate results in x and y for an instant pass / fail decision.

Swift Video Measuring System

With new innovative ‘touch-to-measure’ software as standard, the Swift benefits from the best of Vision Engineering’s precision as well as new and exciting software, allowing users to touch the screen at data points, making measuring component features quick, precise and effortless.

Being modular, the Swift metrology system can be upgraded after purchase to incorporate the unique patented Dynascope™ viewing head, transforming the system into a precision microscope.

The viewing head provides engineers with the capability of measuring with both video and optical in one measurement routine.

This is ideal for complex or feature rich components, where curves or low contrast edges can benefit from manual specificity.

The Swift vision measurement system is a compact and accurate measurement tool, which can fit into surprisingly small spaces, making it a Quality manager’s best friend.

Vision Engineering is a world leader in optical solutions for inspection and measurement with over 50 years of design and manufacturing experience.

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