January 18, 2011

Falcon - A NEW 3-axis Non-Contact Video Measuring System Now with an Automated CNC Option.

Powerful, yet simple and intuitive, delivering accurate results with confidence, the Falcon now incorporates an automated measurement option, making the measurement process effortless.

Falcon Non Contact Video Measuring System

The Falcon’s automated CNC option allows measurements to be made automatically, saving significant amounts of time.

The Falcon 3-axis video measuring system is a valuable system for any Quality Department requiring instant non-contact measurement in X, Y and Z-axis.

Utilizing a high resolution camera, the Falcon can measure key dimensions and features using video edge detection technology, without deformation, critical when measuring small and intricate components.

Falcon Non Contact Video Measuring System

Available for both the QC300 microprocessor and the QC5000 PC based system with the Quadra Check 5000 (QC5000) VED, the automated CNC option allows measurement to be taken and results can be networked and shared with colleagues, with CAD import and export, and integration with Excel.

The high performance 3-axis video measuring system incorporates an indexed iris camera control to reduce depth of field, increasing the accuracy and repeatability of Z-axis results.

The new Falcon has 2 stage options including 150mm x 100mm, and 150mm x 150mm, with magnification options 10x – 50x zoom, 20x – 100x zoom. The precision measuring stages include factory-completed non-linear error correction (NLEC), and calibration as standard to ensure optimum accuracy and traceability.

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