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Exceptional digital inspection with VisionZ2

BySeptember 30, 2014News

Utilising the power of full-HD (1080p) digital imaging, Vision Engineering’s new VisionZ2 video inspection system provides ultimate optical performance in a high quality, compact design – now including integral image capture via USB, so there is no need for a separate PC.

Suitable for production environments, VisionZ2 was designed to be simple to operate, with superior optical performance delivering perfect inspection results, time after time.

Perfect imaging requires not only an exceptional high performance full HD (1080p) camera, but also a ‘live’ image for easy hand-eye co-ordination. VisionZ2’s image rate of up to 60 fps (frames per second) provides ultimate optical performance, far superior to most television images (which have an image rate of 25 fps), making detailed inspection and manipulation easy.

With an extremely large field of view, zoom magnification options up to 122x and a range of configurations, VisionZ2 is the professional choice for a very wide range of precision magnification tasks including: production areas, R&D, laboratory, micro assembly, electronics, micro mechanics, automotive, dental technology, medical device, forensics, quality control tasks, presentation and training.