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DRV-Z1 Launch Tour (US & MX) – World’s First 3D Stereo Digital Viewer

ByJune 11, 2019News

Vision Engineering are hosting one-day open house events for customers and media in across 5 locations in USA and Mexico to see the DRV-Z1 – the world’s first 3D stereo digital viewer with zoom.

  • DRV-Z1 brand new digital 3D display technologyWorcester, MA – June 11th
  • Orlando, FL – June 13th
  • Lisle,  IL – June 18th
  • Fremont, CA – June 20th
  • Tijuana, MX – June 25th

The DRV-Z1 is a first-of-its-kind technology that enables operators to view ultra-high definition 3D images, without wearing special glasses, or a VR headset. This is a true leapfrog technology for the manufacturing, design, engineering and research & development arenas.

Unlike most new technologies,  in this instance, seeing is literally believing. That’s because unlike every traditional industrial digital microscope before it, the DRV-Z1 has no screen: the 3D image ‘floats’ in front of a mirror in striking clarity. It’s technology so advanced it can’t be photographed or reproduced anywhere else.

The Vision Engineering team will be on hand to explain the core technology, answer questions and discuss the many ways potential applications for this new technology across a range of industrial and design applications, including:

  • Enabling real-time global collaboration by allowing users to to view and manipulate the same image in real time from interconnected DRV-Z1 viewers.
  • Advancing the quality control process by providing operators with unparalleled 3D visual acuity and flexibility, in an easy to operate, ergonomically optimized system.
  • Allowing anyone who models in 3D – mechanical engineers, graphic artists, component designers – to do so in a fully rendered, real-time environment with unprecedented image clarity.

To reserve your place at the DRV-Z1 launch Register here.

Space is limited so please register early to secure your place.