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Enhance your inspection and measurement capabilities and get a whole lot more with our


Offers available on our award-winning Lynx EVO and Mantis eyepiece-less stereo microscopes,

TVM field of view and Swift PRO Duo measurement systems.

*Promotion runs from November 11th 2019 to December 24th. Terms and conditions apply.

Inspection offers

10% off! Mantis Systems

Mantis is a patented eyepiece-less stereo microscope, offering superb 3-D imaging and unparalleled levels of comfort, reducing operator fatigue and increasing quality and productivity. Mantis provides a complete inspection solution for any precision magnification tasks.

  • 2x – 20x magnification
  • Long working distance and large field of view
  • Superb hand-eye co-ordination for inspection and manipulation tasks
  • Choice of stands and accessories to suit numerous applications

Mantis family stereo microscopes

5% off! Lynx EVO system

Lynx EVO is an award winning high productivity eyepiece-less stereo zoom microscope that delivers outstanding optical performance with superior ergonomics. Lynx EVO allows fast and accurate inspection in a wide range of applications including electronics, medical devices, precision engineering and plastics.

  • 10:1 zoom ratio provides 6x – 60x magnification range (240x max)
  • Dynascope technology, provides unrivalled ergonomics and ease of use
  • Long working distance for easy sample manipulation
  • Large depth of focus for viewing sample details

Lynx EVO stereo zoom microscope

Metrology offers

10% off!  TVM

Measure turned parts accurately with speed and simplicity. The TVM series uses telecentric lenses so there is no need to position the part – place the part within the field of view, and then run the programme.

  • Instant FOV Video Measuring System
  • Instant measurement of small components, including flat and cylindrical parts
  • Rapid place and press functionality
  • Exceptional ease of use
  • Eliminates operator variances

TVM digital profile projector

10% off! Swift PRO Duo

Our Swift PRO Duo is an ideal upgrade from a comparator, toolmakers microscope or an existing video measuring system. Designed with BOTH optical and video measurement capabilities makes the DUO our most popular system.

  • Measuring range 8″ x 4″ (200 x 100mm)
  • High accuracy measurement system
  • 2 / 3-axis measurement
  • Optical and Video measurement systems in one!
  • Small footprint with powerful software

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Terms and conditions

  1. Promotion runs from November 11th 2019 to December 24th Orders must be placed by 12:00pm EST on Tuesday December 24th, 2019.
  2. Geographic limitations may apply. Offers are subject to availability and only in participating regions.
  3. Promotion applies to sales of complete Swift PRO Duo, TWM Series, Mantis and Lynx EVO systems. A system is defined by a head, stand/stage and lens. Power supply and Controller/Software may also be required for a complete system.
  4. Please mention the relevant offer and promotion code (EOY2019) in all correspondences and when placing an order.
  5. Vision Engineering reserves the right to alter or amend these terms and conditions and any other conditions applicable to an offer or promotion at any time.
  6. Orders received from Vision Engineering partners must be drop shipped and discounts passed onto end user.
  7. Promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or special pricing.