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EVO Cam II – Digital Microscope

High Performance Full-HD Digital Microscope

An high definition digital microscope with stunning image quality, that combines optical excellence with ease of use and efficient workflows. EVO Cam II makes image capture and documentation simpler, faster and more reliable.

  • Exceptional high resolution 1080p/60fps image quality
  • Optical magnification up to 300x
  • Stand alone, wireless or PC connectivity

Stunning images. Exceptional simplicity

Now with Extended functionality!

EVO Cam II digital microscope delivers excellent image quality to help uncover hidden details.

Optical excellence and magnification up to 300x ensures ultra-sharp images at all times, EVO Cam II is optimized for quality control, testing, inspection and documentation.

EVO Cam II’s new firmware extends the functionality, and further builds confidence and consistency of inspection and increases the flexibility of the system through functionality.

Leading optical performance makes EVO Cam II a supremely powerful imaging solution with a range of objective lens options to ensure stunning results for any application. Exceptional simplicity minimizes training requirement, making EVO Cam II a powerful and flexible tool, ideal for multiple users and production environments.

  • NEW: Calibration tracking with zoom
  • NEW: Customizable zoom range
  • NEW: Image comparison
  • NEW: Image playback
  • NEW: Supervisor settings lock
  • NEW: Focus stacking in camera

Stand options

Stand Options

The modular design of EVO II Cam enables the user to select from a wide variety of stand options, illumination and accessories.

Multi-axis stand

  • Precise and robust, ideal for industrial applications where maximum work space is desired.
  • Integrated gas strut provides counter-balanced adjustability, making operation quick and effortless. Switch between tall components and flat samples with ease.
  • Available with platform base, or mounted directly to the work surface.

Ergo stand

  • Small footprint providing exceptional stability for high magnification use.
  • Transmitted substage illumination (option) permits viewing of a wider range of sample types.
  • Floating stage (option) provides sensitive control, to accurate inspection of samples; ideal for inspecting fragile samples, or for avoiding contamination by handling.

Double-arm boom stand

  • Designed specifically for applications requiring extended reach, without compromising stability.
  • Easy adjustability allows precise positioning and alignment.
  • Available with platform base, or with clamp for mounting directly to the work surface


Articulated arm stand

  • Designed for applications requiring extended reach, with ultimate flexibility.
  • Multi-point adjustability allows precise positioning and alignment.


Single-arm boom stand

  • High stability boom stand, ideal for larger specimens.
  • Cost-effective stand option, complete with heavy duty platform base.


Bench stand

  • Compact unit with low-profile base and integral transmitted substage illumination.
  • Floating stage (option) provides sensitive control for accurate inspection of samples.



Ease of use

Simplicity of use is fundamental to EVO Cam II. Easy to follow menu and simple operation minimizes training needs and is an ideal solution for multiple users in fast paced production environments.

Save and recall settings at the push of a button with EVO Cam II presets. Help texts, available in any of 10 preloaded languages, means users can take guidance in their preferred language.

In addition to the convenient operation of all main functions on the unit, a remote control console allows faster and more comfortable use.

Ultra-sharp live images

High-quality optics used in EVO Cam II has specialist coatings providing the best optical output, consistency and performance for many industrial applications.

Ultra-sharp full-HD image capture at the touch of a button

  • New focus stacking optional feature* adds extended depth of focus to subjects that are too deep to be captured in a single image. Subjects up to 110mm can be captured full in focus.
  • Range of new wide-field and precision objective lenses providing zoom magnification options up to 300x. When changing magnification no re-focusing is required due to the parfocal and parcentric zoom optics.
  • Auto (and manual) focus, with auto control of other camera settings (white balance, exposure, brightness) ensures ultra-sharp, high contrast imaging at all times.
  • View more detail in shadows and highlights with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR). Ideal for high contrast subjects, such as reflective metals.
  • Fast high speed frame rate (60fps) camera ensure video images are super smooth without juddering.

New! Focus stacking

Focus stacking* shows subject images with extra depth of field by layering multiple images with different focus positions. The layers are presented so that the in-focus areas are combined to create a single in-focus image. Stack images of subjects up to 110mm deep.

*option available at an extra cost.

Image capture without focus stacking

Image capture without focus stacking

Image capture with focus stacking

Image capture with focus stacking


Shadow-free illumination

Integral 8-point LED ring light ensures optimum shadow-free illumination for all applications. Color temperature 5500K.

Transmitted substage illumination permits viewing of a wider range of sample types.

Image Transfer

Images can easily be captured and saved from the EVO Cam II directly to a USB dongle at the touch of a button.

USB 3.0 for fast image transfer

Alternatively they can be transferred securely to a computer via cable output (HDMI or USB 3.0) or wireless using a Wi-Fi dongle. Using a Wi-Fi dongle removes the need for extra cabling and allows the user to quickly view and download images and videos, making it ideal when access for multiple users is required.

Revealing more detail with 360° rotating viewer

This unique feature offers a full 360° rotating view without the need to move the subject under magnification, making inspection easier and quicker.

The 360 rotating viewer showing different aspect of the same subject

The 34° angle allows detail to be seen at the base of any vertical component or feature. Operators can simply switch between rotating oblique view and a direct view for ultimate flexibility.

Simple on-screen measurement

Easy calibration and innovative calibration tracking means setup is easy and reliable measurements are available at the push of a button. Removing the need to recalibrate at each zoom position..

EVO Cam II on-screen measurement

Cursor mode displays two movable horizontal and vertical lines, allowing measurement of X and Y values with results displayed on screen. Also point to point diagonal measurement allows measurement of non-aligned items.

Calibrated grids can be displayed, scaled and positioned as required.

Customizable overlays are easily created and quickly imported into the camera allowing easy comparison against drawings, samples or reticules.


The modular design of EVO Cam allows tailoring for many individual application requirements.

Remote control console

In addition to convenient operation of all main functions. Remote control allows ergonomic operation preventing need to reach up to the head. Additionally it has 3 hotkey buttons for quick access to three most desired ‘Presets’.

Objective lenses

A range of objective lens options ensure stunning results for any application, whether for high magnification, high precision detail work, or for manipulation, re-work, or assembly tasks requiring an extra-long working distance.

Objective lenses incorporate anti-reflection coatings to enhance imaging performance and a filter thread.

Floating stage

  • A floating stage option provides smooth and precise control, ideal for inspecting fragile samples and for avoiding contamination by excessive handling.
  • For use with Ergo stand and Bench stand only.

Transmitted substage illumination

  • Transmitted substage illumination permits viewing of a wider range of sample types. Provides flexibility as transparent samples can be viewed by transmitted as well as reflected light.

360° rotating viewer

  • The ultimate inspection accessory, permitting a full 360° rotating view of the subject (at an angle of 34° from the vertical).
  • The 360° rotation provides enhanced observation for many applications, including electronics (PCB solder joints, holes, pillars and thread forms), mechanical, medical and plastics components.
  • Easily switch between 360° rotating view and a direct view for ultimate convenience.
  • Includes integrated 8-point LED ring light and objective lens .


There are a range of filters available, to enhance details within subjects not easily seen by the human eye.

UV ring light

The UV ring light is an excellent optional accessory for EVO Cam II. It is suitable for many applications ranging from electronics, aerospace and forensics.


To discuss your particular requirements in further detail, please contact your local Vision Engineering representative.

Objective lenses

A range of objective lens options ensure stunning results for any application, whether for high magnification, high precision work, or for manipulation, re-work, or assembly tasks requiring an extra-long working distance.

Precision objective lenses

Ultra-high resolution and contrast, optimized for precision magnification work, with anti-reflective coating and filter thread.

Precision objective lenses
Objective lens 0.45x 0.62x 1.0x 1.5x 2.0x
Magnification zoom range 2.3x – 68x 3.1x – 93.7x 5x – 151.2x 7.6x – 226.8x 10x – 302.4x
Working distance 6.30″(160mm) 4.17″ (106mm) 3.35″ (85mm) 1.69″ (43mm) 1.14″ (29mm)
Field of view at max. zoom 0.31″ x 0.17″ (7.8mm x 4.2mm) 0.22″ x 0.12″ (5.5mm x 3.1mm) 0.14″ x 0.08″ (3.5mm x 2mm) 0.09″ x 0.05″ (2.3mm x 1.2mm) 0.06″ x 0.04″ (1.5mm x 1mm)
Filter thread 49mm 55mm 49mm None None

Wide-field objective lenses

Wide field of view, suited for larger subjects. An extra-long working distance provides maximum flexibility, with anti-reflective coating and filter thread.

Wide-field objective lenses
Objective lens 4 diopter 5 diopter
Magnification zoom range 1.75x – 51.4x 2.1x – 65.5x
Working distance 9.65″ (245mm) 7.76″ (197mm)
Field of view at max. zoom 0.39″ x 0.22″ (10mm x 5.5mm) 0.31″ x 0.18″ (8mm x  4.5mm)
Filter thread 52mm 52mm


Leading specification optical performance makes EVO Cam a supremely powerful imaging solution.

Camera data
Camera zoom 30x optical; 12x digital
Camera resolution Full-HD 1080p, 1920 x 1080, 1/2.8″ CMOS
Frame rate 50fps & 60fps (switchable)
Focus Auto focus and manual focus
Output HDMI & USB 3.0
Saved file type .png

360° rotating viewer (option)

360° rotating view
Zoom ratio 5.3:1
Zoom range 19x – 105x
Working distance 1.4″
Field of view at min. zoom 1.01″ x 0.87″
Field of view at max. zoom 0.10″ x 0.8″
Viewing angle 34° from vertical
Direct view
Zoom ratio 5.3:1
Zoom range 28x – 151x
Working distance 2.22″
Field of view at min. zoom 0.77″ – 0.44″
Field of view at max. zoom 0.6″ – 0.3″
Viewing angle


  • Integral 8-point LED ring light ensures optimum shadow-free illumination for all applications. Color temperature 5500K.
  • Transmitted substage illumination (option) permits viewing of a wider range of sample types.

EVO Cam on-board controls

  • Zoom in/out
  • Ring light illumination control
  • Secondary illumination control, e.g. transmitted substage illuminator (if fitted)
  • Image capture
  • Overview mode
  • Focus: Auto/manual
  • White balance: Auto
  • Image brightness
  • Infra-red filter: On/off
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) mode
  • Presets and hotkeys
  • On-screen display: On/off (to display magnification)
  • Crosshair: size/color
  • Calibration
  • Cursor/Grid/Overlay
  • Imperial/metric units
  • Sound on/off

Remote control console

All EVO Cam II on-board controls can be accessed via the remote control console option. Additional functionality of the remote control console option allow fast access to the 3 presets.

Power supply

  • Standard power 100V-240V, 50/60Hz, available in all worldwide plug configurations.


  • HDMI (monitor output)
  • USB 3.0 (PC output)
  • USB 2.0 x 2 (memory stick, remote console or wi-fi dongle)
  • PSU Jack
  • External ring light jack
  • Transmitted substage jack


Multi-axis stand

EVO Cam Multi-axis stand dimensions
  • A = 17.91″, 7.24″ *(455mm (184mm*))
  • B = 25″, 32.67″** (635mm (830mm**))
  • C = 27.20″ (691mm) max.
  • D = 10.98″ (279mm) max. (less working distance)
  • E = 17.28″ (439mm) max.* without platform base. ** maximum depth with arm overhang.

Ergo stand

EVO Cam Bench stand dimensions
  • A = 11.02″ (280mm)
  • B = 16.53″ (420mm)
  • C = 20.27″ (515mm)
  • D = 7.55″ (192mm) max. (less working distance)
  • E = 7.87″ (200mm)

Double-arm boom stand

EVO Cam Double-arm boom stand dimensions
  • A = 9.84″, 6.61″* (250mm (168mm*))
  • B = 32.55″ (827mm)
  • C = 21.3″, 16.7″* (543mm (424mm*))
  • D = 13.15″, 9.13″ (334mm (232mm*) max. (less working distance)
  • E = 25.78″ (655mm) max.* without platform base.

Single-arm boom stand

EVO Cam Single-arm boom stand dimensions
  • A = 10.94″ (278mm)
  • B = 23.11″ – 24.6″ (587mm – 625mm)
  • C = 19.1″ (485mm)
  • D = 8.66″ (220mm) max. (less working distance)
  • E = 16.9″ (430mm) max.

Articulated arm stand

EVO Cam Articulated arm stand dimensions
  • A = 168mm
  • B = 1140mm max.
  • C = 812mm max.
  • D = 519mm max. (less working distance)
  • E = 812mm max.
  • F = 305mm (removable)

Bench stand

EVO Cam Bench stand dimensions
  • A = 240mm
  • B = 285mm
  • C = 340mm
  • D = 117mm max.
  • E = 85mm


  • Remote control console
  • Objectives
  • Filters
  • 360° rotating viewer
  • Floating stage
  • Transmitted substage illumination (standard with Bench stand, option with Ergo stand)


EVO Cam II captures images in PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format, being a very widely compatible format. PNG images do not lose information caused by compression, maintaining maximum detail in the saved image. EVO Cam II saves images with an automatic sequence number.

No. EVO Cam II captures images direct to a USB memory stick on the side of the unit, so there is no need for a PC/software. However you can still connect to a PC with a USB 3.0 cable to the port at the back of the unit or by using the Wi-Fi dongle.

Can I capture images to an external hard drive?

Yes. Just plug in an external drive to the USB 3.0 port instead of the USB memory stick.

Yes. There are three USB ports on the unit. The USB 3.0 port at the back of the unit allows connection to a PC. The USB port on the side of the unit allows images to be captured direct to a USB memory stick or for use with the Wi-Fi dongle.

Yes. EVO Cam II simply connects via HDMI to any HDMI-enabled monitor.

The auto focus range is approximately 1cm (depending on the objective and magnification). This is to allow for some variation in sample height. If there is a large variation in sample size then the camera position will need to be adjusted.

Magnification is a combination of both the objective lens used and also the monitor size. EVO Cam II displays the current magnification on-screen, which can be configured for different objective lenses and monitor screen sizes. Vision Engineering’s quoted magnifications are based on a 24″ monitor.

Out of the box, EVO Cam II takes minutes to set-up. Then simply turn the camera on and you are seconds away from viewing and capturing full HD images.

No. EVO Cam’s intuitive controls makes it easy to use from the start.

Users can perform a large number of investigations, from low to high magnification without changing the objective or losing the focus plane, thereby saving time and increasing efficiency.

Yes, but it can also be switched to manual focus if required.

The field of view is dependent on the magnification at which you are viewing and the objective lens that you are using. The widest field of view will be achieved with a lower magnification objective. Field of view reduces as magnification increases. Please refer to the optical data for full details.

EVO Cam II includes a controllable 8-point LED ring light, providing optimum shadow-free illumination for a wide range of applications.

A transmitted substage illumination option (for use with the Ergo stand) permits viewing of a wider range of sample types, such as translucent samples.

EVO Cam II is a highly flexible solution for a very wide range of applications and environments. Vision Engineering has designed a range of stands to allow tailoring to individual requirements. We will be happy to advise which configuration is best suited for your needs.

Yes. The objective lenses each have a thread to accept a range of filters (neutral density, color, UV and polarization).

Yes. EVO Cam II can be used to perform simple measurements, with customisable overlay grid and cursors. Sometimes called dimensioning.

Vision Engineering do not quote measurement accuracy for simple on-screen measurement, since there are a wide number of factors which determine measurement accuracy. These include focus position, user skill and calibration.

Vision Engineering has a range of precision measuring systems, if high accuracy measurement is required (up to ±2µm).

EVO Cam II can be supplied with or without a monitor. It is important to remember that the monitor is a critical part of the system. A poor quality monitor will adversely affect the image quality obtained from EVO Cam II. Please contact your local Vision Engineering branch or distributor for details of our recommended monitors.

Why would I choose EVO Cam II over a stereo microscope

This really depends on your application. EVO Cam II is comfortable to use, and for the same magnification provides a much bigger field of view than a stereo microscope.

For example in electronics applications, EVO Cam II is great for quickly inspecting areas of circuit boards for broken tracts and component placement.

In comparison a stereo microscope, like Lynx EVO, provides a 3D image with superior depth perception, being better suited for tasks requiring hand-eye co-ordination, such as hand soldering and rework tasks.