Mantis Elite-Cam

Stereo Microscope with Integrated USB Camera

Mantis Elite-Cam is a variant of the successful Mantis Elite ergonomic stereo microscope with an internally integrated USB2.0 camera, bringing together outstanding optical performance and effortless image capture

  • Discontinued (superceded by Mantis Elite-Cam HD)
  • 2x – 20x magnification
  • Factory integrated and sealed 1.3 MP USB 2.0 camera
  • Simple image capture or powerful annotation and measurement software

Stereo Microscope with Integrated USB Camera

The COMPLETE SOLUTION for low magnification inspection, manipulation and documentation tasks.

Mantis Elite-Cam is comprised of a standard Mantis Elite ‘eyepieceless’ stereo microscope offering truly superior 3D imaging with a factory integrated digital camera.

Combined with a choice of software options you are able to carry out easy to use image archiving or more advanced annotation, mark-up, dimensioning and simple onscreen measurement.

Winner of numerous industry design awards, the outstanding ergonomic design of Mantis microscopes is unrivalled by other inspection stereo viewers.

Software included

Simple, easy to use AMCap image and video capture software is included as standard to allow you to quickly get up and running.

Upgrade to the powerful DimensionOneTM software to get the added benefits of annotation, dimensioning and on-screen measurement tools. Invaluable for image archiving, documentation and reporting – fundamental to quality assurance and research and development purposes.

Fatigue Free Optical Viewing

Patented optical technology of Mantis removes the need for restrictive eyepieces of a conventional microscope, allowing operators freedom of head movement, providing superb ergonomics and hand-eye coordination, plus the ability to wear prescription or safety glasses, if required.


Universal Stand

Mantis Elite Universalständer

  • Mantis Elite, with counter-balanced universal stand, for flexibility and ease of use.

Bench Stand

Mantis Elite Tischstativ
  • High stability bench stand with integral focus, dimmable substage illumination.

Articulated Arm

Mantis Elite Gelenkarm
  • Designed specifically for applications requiring extended reach, without compromising stability.
  • Maximum reach of 31.50″ (800mm), with optional Secondary Link.

Floor Stand

Mantis Elite Bodenstativ
  • The floor stand (for use with the articulated arm) is specifically designed for stereo inspection where subjects are immobile or require a standing position. Mobile and highly stable, the floor stand provides a versatile option for Mantis operators.
    • 360° movement around the base
    • Lift, swing, tilt and rotate capability


Mantis Elite 3D Inspecton System Details

Make no mistake – the optical and ergonomic performance of the Mantis Elite-Cam Stereo Microscope with camera is unrivalled.

“Wow!” The most common reaction when looking into a Mantis for the first time…

Price and Performance

Mantis Elite-Cam not only incorporates the most modern advances in optical design with LED illumination and a small footprint, but with the integrated digital USB camera, achieves a superb price/performance ratio.


  • A complete integrated solution – one single unit to achieve a multitude of low magnification tasks.
  • Patented optical design allows your eyes and hands to work together resulting in increased output, accuracy and reduced scrap and rework.
  • 2x – 20x magnification options with quick change turret allows users to switch between low magnification inspection and high magnification fine detail tasks.
  • Increased head and body freedom for the operator leads to greater productivity, increased output, improved quality control and less fatigue.
  • From inspection, preparation, rework and manipulation tasks the Mantis Elite-Cam provides exceptional hand-eye coordination with easy to use imaging software.

Image and video capture software included

The Mantis Elite-Cam comes with AMCap PC image capture software as standard which enables basic image capture in a variety of formats, including: BMP, JPEG, PNG, AVI and WMV.

Easy to install and intuitive to use, it is light on computer system resources.

Easy-to-use Bildspeicher-Software

Powerful imaging, mark-up and measurement software (optional upgrade)

DimensionOneTM is a powerful imaging, annotation and dimensioning software solution for the Mantis Elite-Cam, providing fast, precise imaging of your samples and components.

Umfangreiche Software zur Bildbearbeitung und Bemaßung

  • Image capture – DimensionOneTM captures an image with a click of the mouse, or a touch of the screen* – it’s that simple! (* Requires Windows 7 for touch screen functionality)
  • Annotation – Adding annotation text could not be easier. DimensionOneTM has one simple font and a palette of colors, ensuring maximum contrast can always be obtained for easy reading.
  • Dimensioning and on-screen measurement tools – Onscreen dimensioning can be performed on any captured image to measure circles, lines, points, angles and distances. Additionally, there is a range of powerful measurement tools available.
  • Save it, email it, print it. The choice is yours. Files can be saved as .jpg, .png, or .bmp
  • Multi-lingual software – DimensionOneTM is available in multiple languages.

More on DimensionOneTM microscope imaging software.


The Mantis stereo inspection system is a popular solution for inspecting and manipulating samples under magnification.

A range of accessories provides, extended reach, increased height and larger working distances to reduce the difficulties of inspection tasks.

Floating Stage

Mantis Elite Verschiebetisch
  • Provides smooth and sensitive control allowing for samples to be accurately inspected. For use with bench stand only.
    • Sensitive controls for steady

Objective Lenses

2x, 4x, 6x, 6x SLWD (Super Long Working Distance), 8x, 10x, 15x and 20x objective lenses are available, to suit different application requirements.

Mantis Elite-Cam houses 2 objectives in a quick rotate turret, so you can inspect at lower magnification, then switch to higher magnification for detail work.

With a 4.41″ (112mm) working distance, the 6x SLWD objective is an ideal solution for precision applications requiring both inspection and detail tasks, such as hair restoration and dental laboratory work.

Disposable lens protection caps are available to protect your objective lens from damage when soldering, or in similar environments.

Secondary Link, for Articulated Arm

Keep the workspace clear. A secondary link increases total reach of the Articulated Arm to 31.5″ (800mm), for ultimate flexibility and maneuverability.


To discuss your particular requirements in further detail please contact your local Vision Engineering representative.

Optical data

Optical Data
Objective Lenses Working Distance Field of View
2x 6.30″ (160mm) 2.24″ (57.0mm)
4x 3.78″ (96mm) 1.34″ (34.0mm)
6x 2.68″ (68mm) 0.91″ (23.0mm)
6x SLWD* 4.41″ (112mm) 0.79″ (20.0mm)
8x 2.32″ (59mm) 0.67″ (17.0mm)
10x 2.13″ (54mm) 0.53″ (13.5mm)
15x 1.57″ (40mm) 0.35″ (8.8mm)
20x 1.14″ (29mm) 0.26″ (6.5mm)

* cannot be used together with 2x or 20x objective lens


Surface 24 LEDs 11,000 LUX
(bench stand only)
58 LEDs 2,700 LUX

Power Supply

  • 9V DC external plug transformer, available in all worldwide plug configurations.
  • Bench Stand: 100-240VAC 50-60HZ 1.0A Max, available in all worldwide plug configurations.


Universal Stand

  • A = 23.34″ – 31.57″ (593mm – 802mm)
  • B = 13.86″ – 24.49″ (352mm – 622mm)
  • C = 16.34″ – 24.57″ (415mm – 624mm)
  • D = 4.06″ – 12.28″ (103mm – 312mm)

Articulated Arm

  • A = 34.64″ (880mm)
  • B = 16.93″ (430mm)
  • C = 20.08″ (510mm)
  • D = 25.59″ (650mm)= 31.5″ (800mm) with secondary link (optional)
  • E= 11.42″ (290mm)


Bench Stand

  • A = 19.17″ – 24.41″ (487mm – 620mm)
  • B = 11.81″ (300mm)
  • C = 14.96″ (380mm)
  • D = 12.99″ (330mm)
  • E = 10.04″ (255mm) max, less working distance

Floor Stand

Mantis Compact Bodenstativ - Abmessungen
  • A = 54.72″ (1390mm)
  • B = see Articulated Arm


Mantis Elite-Cam includes

  • USB cable, (1m)
  • Simple AMCap image capture software, with installation CD


Software System requirements
AMCap Elite-Cam (included as standard) Windows XP SP3 or higher (32-bit or 64-bit systems)

31.5MB free disk space

DimensionOneTM(optional upgrade) Windows XP or later (Windows 7 or later required for touch-screen functionality)
Vifox (optional upgrade) Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7

Note: Local administrator rights are required during installation. Users need full rights in the registry key “Hkey_Current_User – Software – VB and VBA Program Settings”.


  • 2x, 4x, 6x, 6x SLWD, 8x, 10x, 15x, 20x objective lenses
  • Floating stage
  • Secondary link arm
  • Lens protection caps, disposable
  • Dust Cover, Universal Stand
  • Dust Cover, Bench Stand
  • Replacement LED array


How does the image of the subject viewed through Mantis Elite-Cam compare to the image displayed on the computer screen?

There is a reduction in Field Of View (FOV) of what the camera sees, compared to what you would see through Mantis Elite-Cam. The view through Mantis’ optical head is a circular area, whereas the camera image is a rectangle.

Image difference - Mantis Elite-Cam optical head and screen

What is the magnification of the captured image?

It is not possible to state the magnification of the captured image, due to differences in computer screen sizes, capture resolution settings, print sizes etc.

The ‘real’ magnification on the video display essentially is the ratio between the known sample size versus what physically appears on the display given the setting parameters of the PC.

How does the camera image compare to the image viewed on Mantis Elite-Cam?

The Mantis Elite-Cam image, as viewed through the head, is a high quality optical image, just like a stereo microscope (but with greater clarity and comfort).

The image displayed on the computer screen uses a 1.3mp digital USB camera, which has far less resolution than the human eye. Other factors, such as computer display quality, resolution, and settings also have an impact on the digital image.

Is the depth of focus of the camera image the same as Mantis Elite-Cam?

Depth of focus is the depth of the subject being viewed that is in sharp focus. In general, depth of focus is larger at low magnifications and reduces as you increase magnification.

The optics of Mantis Elite-Cam has a very large depth of focus, so more, or all of your sample is in focus. This large depth of focus, combined with the eyepiece-less stereo image is what provides the superior 3D viewing experience and the ability to hand manipulate subjects with ease.

Digital cameras have a limited depth of focus (compared to the human eye), meaning less of the computer image will be in focus, compared to the image viewed through Mantis Elite-Cam.

TIP: When capturing an image, focus the Mantis Elite-Cam while viewing the computer monitor image. The image in the Mantis head will now be in focus as well.

Is there any delay or “image lag” with the image displayed on the monitor?

It is advised to set the display resolution to 640 x 480 or less for general positioning/focusing. This should provide for a smooth live image. The capture resolution can be set higher if required and will not affect the refresh rate.

Note: Delay, or image lag is related to the ‘refresh rate’ (the number of times a display’s image is refreshed per second) and is due to the limited data transfer capability of USB2.0. Higher camera / display resolutions mean that more data must be transferred (down the USB cable), which can cause delay. This is why extremely high resolution USB2.0 cameras are not of practical use.

Can I extend the length of the supplied USB cable?

The maximum USB cable length for proper operation of the Elite-Cam is 3ft (1m). If a greater length is required, a powered USB hub must be used, which are readily available from your local electronics retail.

Can I reduce the amount of file space used to store images by the AMcap software?

Yes.You need to change to default settings of the AMcap software to reduce file size by:

  • Reducing the resolution on the camera.
  • Changing the file type to JPG.
  • Reducing the number of frames per second (for video capture only).

Is AMCap software compatible with Windows 7?

Yes. Windows 7 may try and install a driver it thinks is right for you, so we recommend that you always install the software before connecting up the hardware.

Make sure you are using the latest driver.

I’ve lost my software CD, how can I get another copy?

If you have already purchased a Mantis Elite-Cam, you can download one additional licence for free. Registration is required. Download software [Registered Users only]

Does AMCap software have annotation/mark-up capability?

No. AMCap software provides just the essential functions to adjust the camera controls and capture and image. If greater functionality is required, there is DimensionOne™ software, for professional image capture, annotation and measurement.

Additional information

Ergonimic 'Eyepiece-less"


Image Capture



Low (20x max)

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