Eyepiece-less Stereo Inspection Microscope

Lynx is a unique eyepieceless stereo inspection microscope for intricate tasks requiring high resolution stereo viewing. Its patented ergonomic design brings unrivalled levels of comfort and reduced operator fatigue, leading to an increase in quality and productivity.

  • 7x – 40x magnification (120x max.)
  • Superior ergonomics improves accuracy and reduces errors
  • Patented stereo optics provide amazing 3D imaging

Eyepiece-less Stereo Inspection Microscope

Lynx is a unique eyepieceless stereo microscope for intricate tasks requiring high-resolution stereo viewing.

The Lynx stereo microscope utilizes Vision Engineering’s patented Dynascope technology which offers the user advanced ergonomics by removing the need for restrictive eyepieces.

The eyepieceless optics of Lynx significantly increase head freedom and eye relief, reducing operator stress and fatigue over long periods of time.

The Lynx stereo zoom microscope is used in a wide range of industry applications including general manufacturing, electronics, precision engineering, medical devices, plastics and rubber.


Lynx Quality Inspection System

Modern advances in ergonomic optical design of the Lynx stereo microscope allows users’ eyes and hands to work together, resulting in increased throughput, accuracy and reduced scrap and rework.

Technology Benefits

Lynx utilises Vision Engineering’s patented Dynascope eyepiece-less technology to offer users advanced ergonomics by removing the restriction of conventional binocular eyepieces.

Movement of the head and eyes no longer means losing the field of vision, providing complete freedom of head movement, significantly reducing operator fatigue over long periods of time.

A small movement of the eye no longer means losing part of the field of vision – users can simply move their eyes to view the full image area, rather than repositioning their heads to operate within the constraints of narrow conventional microscope eyepieces.

The patented optics of Lynx provides a large viewing area with a purely optical, 3-dimentional high resolution image, not the 2-dimensional digital image of video or camera scopes.The result is increased efficiency, better comfort and reduced fatigue so that you can work more accurately for longer periods.

The increased freedom of head movement additionally allows glasses or contact lenses to be worn in comfort.

For the operator this means:

  • Reduced fatigue
  • Accuracy for longer periods
  • No restriction on head movement
  • No restriction on eye wear
  • Leading-edge ergonomic design

Read more about ergonomics

Ease of Use

Lynx offers simple 3-dimensional viewing, with the apparent distance to the viewed object image identical to that of the real object, eliminating re-focusing of the operator’s eye; thus reducing the likelihood of fatigue.

PCB Inspection

Lynx VS8 is an advanced stereo zoom microscope for specialist Printed Circuit Board inspection and is ideal for all electronics applications including fine pitch, surface mount, TAB and BGA technology.

Stand Options


The modular design of the Lynx Dynascope™ stereo microscope enables the user to select from a wide variety of mounting, illumination and camera options.

Boom Stand

Adjustable, swing away, boom mount for adhering directly to user’s work surface or with coated platform base for easy transport.


Bench Stand

Stable, focusable bench stand with subject holder, substage illumination and floating or measuring stage options.

Low-Profile Ergostand

NEW Lynx low profile stand. Flat, stable, low profile metal base, covered with a non-scratch durable work surface for sharp subjects (solder joints etc). Low profile base provides optimal ergonomics for hands and wrists, ideal for when manipulating subjects.


Oblique & Direct Viewer

  • Allows the operator to view a subject from an angle of 34° from vertical, which can be rotated through to 360° enabling a better stereo view of 3-dimensional subjects including PCB solder joints, holes, pillars and thread forms.
  • Both manual and motorized versions are available.

Fixed angle viewer

  • Allows the user three options; a fixed angle of 25° from vertical, the ability to view vertically or tilting the optical head and using the system standing up.


  • Allows the view to be adjusted between -5° and -25° from horizontal.

Image Capture, Archive & Documentation

  • Range of standalone, USB and fully integrated digital/video camera options.
  • Modular multimedia solutions are available for image archiving, acquisition, processing, analysis and documentation.

Step Magnification Multiplier

  • Allows the stereo zoom range to be increased by a factor of 1.5x or 2x without any loss in working distance.


  • NEW accessory for Lynx
  • Allows Lynx to be used standing up and allows for height variation of seated operators.
  • ErgoRiser is placed between the zoom body and the head and can give 5 inches or 127mm of adjustment of the head height WITHOUT changing focus, working distance or quality of the image.

Floating Stage

  • High stability and sensitive controls allow for samples to be accurately inspected with steady maneuverability.
  • Valuable for inspecting fragile samples and for avoiding contamination by excessive handling.
  • For use with Bench Stand and Ergostand only.

Measuring / Comparison Graticule

  • Allows the user the ability to measure and compare against a scale, presented to one eye.
  • Standard range is available as a crossline or graduated scale. Custom graticules can be manufactured to specific designs.

Substage Illumination

  • Substage illuminator provides enhanced viewing of profiles, plus optimal control for applications requiring transmissive light.
  • Substage illuminator with tilting mirror provides pseudo darkfield illumination for enhanced contrast in applications such as stem cell research, or jewellery and stone setting.
  • For use with Bench Stand only.


To discuss your particular requirements in further detail, please contact your local VisionEngineering representative.


Objective lens Zoom range Working distance
with 1.5x multiplier with 2x multiplier
0.5x 3.5x – 20x 5.3x – 30x 7.0x – 40x 177mm
0.7x 4.9x – 28x 7.4x – 42x 9.8x – 56x 130mm
1.0x 7.0x – 40x 10.5x – 60x 14x – 80x 85mm
1.5x 10.5x – 60x 15.8x – 90x 21x – 120x 47mm
Objective lens Field of view at MAX zoom
with 1.5x multiplier with 2x multiplier
0.5x 6.7mm 4.3mm 3.3mm
0.7x 4.8mm 3.2mm 2.4mm
1.0x 3.5mm 2.3mm 1.7mm
1.5x 2.3mm 1.5mm 1.2mm
Objective lens Field of view at MIN zoom
with 1.5x multiplier with 2x multiplier
0.5x 38.0mm 25.3mm 19.0mm
0.7x 27.0mm 18.0mm 13.5mm
1.0x 18.7mm 12.5mm 9.4mm
1.5x 12.9mm 8.6mm 6.5mm



  • 14 point LED ring light with intensity control
  • Bench stand options
  • Substage illumination 12V/20W Halogen lamp
  • Tilting substage illumination 12V/20W Halogen lamp


  • A = 280 mm
  • B = 150 mm
  • C = 200 mm
  • D = 150mm, less working distance
  • E = 760 mm

Lynx (Boom Stand)

  • F = 400 mm max.
  • G = 310 mm, less working distance
  • H = 435 mm



  • I = 285mm, less working distance
  • J = 150mm
  • K = 345mm
  • L = 395mm

Image archiving and documentation

Image capture and documentation is possible when the Lynx is used in conjunction with a digital camera attachment.

Digital camera options
Unicam Integrated, permanently engaged 1.3 Mp USB2.0 digital camera.

Includes free AMCap software, which enables basic image capture in a variety of formats, including: BMP, JPEG, PNG, AVI and WMV.

DimensionOne™ software (option)

When more powerful imaging software is required, there is DimensionOne™ – professional image-capture, mark-up and measurement software.

Pixel-Fox 3.1 Mp USB2.0 digital camera. Includes image capture and mark-up software, with simple measurement features.
Cannon EOS SLR Camera Standalone 12.2 Mp digital SLR camera. Ideal when highest quality images are required for documentation purposes.


  • Oblique and direct viewer
  • Fixed angle viewer
  • Ergowedge
  • Step magnification multiplier
  • Ergoriser
  • Ergostand
  • Measuring / comparison reticle

Additional information

Ergonimic 'Eyepiece-less"


Image Capture



Low (20x max)

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