Lynx EVO

High Productivity Eyepiece-less Stereo Microscope

An advanced eyepiece-less stereo microscope for intricate tasks requiring stunning high-resolution 3D stereo viewing. Lynx EVO delivers outstanding optical performance with unrivaled ergonomics to power your productivity.

  • 6x – 60x magnification (240x max.)
  • Superior ergonomics improves accuracy and reduces errors
  • Dynascope® stereo optics provide amazing 3D viewing

High Productivity Eyepiece-less Stereo Microscope

Lynx EVO is a high productivity stereo microscope without eyepieces, powering your productivity through stunning 3D viewing.

The unique patented eyepiece-less optics of Lynx EVO liberates users from restrictive working practices, opening up a world of enhanced efficiency through unrivaled ease of use and ergonomic performance. It has been honoured with a Queens Award for  Innovation 2020 and Microscopy Today Innovation Award 2016.

Providing truly stunning 3D (stereo) imaging, Lynx EVO allows fast and accurate inspection in a wide range of applications.

Dynascope® eyepiece-less technology makes Lynx EVO naturally ergonomic, allowing eyes and hands to work together, simplifying precision inspection tasks.

Removing the need for microscope eyepieces also provides fatigue-free operation, providing health benefits to the operator as well as productivity improvements to the business.


Businesses choose Lynx EVO because they know their operators are more efficient, more accurate and more productive. The operator benefits and so does the business.

The ergonomic advantage

Lynx EVO employs revolutionary Dynascope® technology, improving productivity through unrivalled ergonomics and ease of use.

“No other company has dedicated so much time to advancing microscope ergonomics, because we understand the critical link between operator ergonomics and increased productivity, efficiency and ultimately improved quality.”

The eyepiece-less optics of Lynx EVO significantly increase head freedom and eye relief, reducing operator stress and fatigue over long periods of time. Optimal operator ergonomics minimizes the risk of repetitive strain-related injuries.

A small movement of the eye no longer means losing part of the field of vision – users can simply move their eyes to view the full image area, rather than the fixed head position required to operate within the constraints of narrow conventional microscope eyepieces.

The patented optics of Lynx EVO provides a large viewing area with an optical, three-dimensional high resolution image, not the two-dimensional digital image of video or camera scopes.

For the operator this means:

  • Stunning 3D imaging in complete comfort.
  • Fatigue-free viewing with a natural body posture.
  • No restriction on head movement or eye wear.

For the business this means:

  • Maintain quality of work, even for prolonged periods.
  • Improved ease of use, especially for shift workers.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity.
  • Reduced risk of strain-related injuries.

Optical excellence

Lynx EVO incorporates Dynascope® patented optical technology that optimises head and body freedom by providing 3.9″ (10mm) side-to-side and 2.76″ (70mm) front-to-back head freedom.

With a zoom ratio of 10:1 the standard magnification range 6x – 60x can be multiplied with objective and multiplier lenses to a total magnification of 240x. The zoom indexing lever aides in marking a magnification position for samples or multi-user situations.

  • Iris control within the zoom unit offers greater control over the depth of field and contrast.
  • Coarse and fine adjustment for fast and precision focusing.

HD digital camera for documentation

Integrated HD camera and software (option) provides seamless image/video capture and annotation capabilities for documentation purposes, with simultaneous on-screen display (via PC). Ideal for demonstration or training.

  • Easy convenient image/video capture while retaining both optical paths for stereo viewing.
  • Convenient USB2.0 interface for easy connectivity.
  • Included software provides easy annotation and quick reporting of inspected products.
  • Annotations can be loaded as separate files and so can be used for template checking.
  • Capture images in compressed JPEG, PNG, or uncompressed BMP format.
  • Record video in highly compatible AVI format, ideal for training and demonstration purposes.

See more with the 360° rotating viewer

The amazing 360° rotating viewer for Lynx EVO is the ultimate inspection accessory, permitting a full 360° rotating view of the subject (at an angle of 34°). Operators can simply switch between rotating and a conventional direct view for ultimate flexibility.

  • Full 360° rotation provides enhanced observation for many applications, including electronics, mechanical, medical and plastics components.
  • The 34° angle allows detail to be seen at the base of any vertical component or feature.
  • Simply switch between 360° rotating view and a conventional direct view for ultimate convenience.
  • Includes integrated 8-point LED ring light and objective lens.

Measuring software option

DimensionOne™ is a powerful software solution for Lynx EVO, providing enhanced annotation, as well as on-screen measurement and dimensioning capabilities. DimensionOne™ comes with a CD and calibration artifact for easy on-screen measurement. Other compatible software solutions are also available.

Stand Option

The modular design of Lynx EVO enables the user to select from a wide variety of stand options, illumination and accessories.

HD image capture

Modular construction allows easy addition of accessories, including integrated HD image capture and the amazing 360° rotating viewer.

Innovation and evolution

Lynx EVO is the exciting all new next generation of the hugely successful Lynx stereo microscope.

Ever since Vision Engineering introduced eyepiece-less microscopes, the world’s leading manufacturers have come to rely on our revolutionary stereo microscopes to overcome the daily challenges of increasing quality demands, smaller components, greater efficiencies and accuracies.

Ergo stand

  • Small footprint for restricted bench space.
  • Exceptionally stable for high magnification use.
  • Transmitted (substage) illumination (option) permits viewing of a wider range of sample types.
  • Floating stage (option) provides sensitive control, to allow samples to be accurately inspected, ideal for inspecting fragile samples, or for avoiding contamination by handling.

Multi-axis stand

  • Precise and robust, ideal for industrial applications where maximum work space is desired.
  • Extended reach permits the inspection of large samples (max. throat depth 439mm).
  • Integrated gas strut provides counter-balanced adjustability, making operation quick and effortless. Switch between tall components (up to 242mm) and flat samples with ease.
  • Available with platform base, or mounted directly to the work surface.


360° rotating viewer

  • The ultimate inspection accessory, permitting a full 360° rotating view of the subject (at an angle of 34°).
  • The 360° rotation provides enhanced observation for many applications, including electronics (PCB solder joints, holes, pillars and thread forms), mechanical, medical and plastics components.
  • Simply switch between 360° rotating view and a conventional direct view for ultimate convenience.
  • Includes integrated 8-point LED ringlight and objective lens .

Smart Cam camera and software

  • Smart Cam and Smart Cam 5 are integrated HD camera options providing easy and convenient image/video capture while retaining both optical paths (for simultaneous stereo viewing)
  • The supplied uEye software includes easy annotation and markup capability for quick reporting.

Note: Other compatible software solutions are also available, providing additional functionality including on-screen measurement capabilities.

Floating stage

  • A floating stage accessory provides smooth and precise control, ideal for inspecting sensitive samples, checking uniformity of components, or together with the measuring graticule for scaling or measuring subjects.
  • Invaluable for inspecting fragile samples and for avoiding contamination by excessive handling.
  • For use with Lynx EVO Ergo stand only.

Measuring / comparison reticle

  • Allows the user the ability to measure and compare against a scale, presented to one eye.
  • Both simple cross hair, and measurement reticle with scale are available for the Lynx EVO.
  • The measurement reticle allows quick, simple dimensioning of the subject as it is being inspected.
  • Custom reticles are also available.

Transmitted (substage) illumination

  • Transmitted illumination permits viewing of a wider range of sample types. Provides flexibility as transparent samples can be viewed by transmitted as well as incident (surface) light.
  • For use only with the Ergo stand only.

Objective lenses

  • Choose from a range of objective lenses to provide the desired magnification range or working distance. Objective lenses incorporate anti-reflection coatings to enhance imaging performance.


  • Increases the magnification and zoom range by a factor of 1.5X or 2.0X, significantly extending system magnification.
  • Provides greater capabilities within the one system, effectively offering a 20:1 zoom ratio without changing the working distance.
  • Available as 1.5X, or 2.0X multipliers, a slide lever simply engages/disengages the multiplier, as required.

Fixed wedges

  • Two options: 25°tilt-up or 25°tilt-down
  • Enhanced ergonomics with long working distance objectives, multiple modules or large subjects
  • Adjustment of eye-point for taller or shorter users
  • Oblique viewing when used with the Lynx EVO multi-axis stand
  • Can be combined with SmartCAM or Multiplier modules


To discuss your particular requirements in further detail, please contact your local Vision Engineering representative.


Objective lens Zoom range Working distance
0.45x 2.7x – 27x 6.93″ (176mm)
0.62x 3.7x – 37x 5.04″ (128mm)
1.0x 6x – 60x 2.95″ (75mm)
1.5x 9x – 90x 1.65″ (42mm)
2.0x 12x – 120x
1.14″ (29mm)


Objective lens Field of view
at min. zoom at max. zoom
2.17″ (55mm)
0.22″ (5.5mm)
0.62x 1.57″ (40mm) 0.16″ (4.0mm)
1.0x 0.98″ (25mm) 0.10″ (2.5mm)
1.5x 0.63″ (16mm) 0.06″ (1.6mm)
2.0x 0.47″ (12mm) 0.05″ (1.2mm)


With 1.5x multiplier

Objective lens Zoom range 1 Working distance
0.45x 2.7x – 40x 176mm
0.62x 3.7x – 55x 128mm
1.0x 6x – 90x 75mm
1.5x 9x – 135x 42mm
2.0x 12x – 180x 29mm

1 Maximum permissible range with multiplier disengaged/engaged

Objective lens Field of view
at min. zoom 2 at max. zoom
0.45x 55mm 3.7mm
0.62x 40mm 2.7mm
1.0x 25mm 1.7mm
1.5x 16mm 1.1mm
2.0x 12mm 0.8mm

2 Multiplier disengaged


With 2.0x multiplier

Objective lens Zoom range 1 Working distance
0.45x 2.7x – 54x 176mm
0.62x 3.7x – 74x 128mm
1.0x 6x – 120x 75mm
1.5x 9x – 180x 42mm
2.0x 12x – 240x 29mm

1 Maximum permissible range with multiplier disengaged/engaged

Objective lens Field of view
at min. zoom 1 at max. zoom 2
0.45x 55mm 2.7mm
0.62x 40mm 2.0mm
1.0x 25mm 1.2mm
1.5x 16mm 0.8mm
2.0x 12mm 0.6mm

2 Multiplier disengaged


Smart Cam camera data (option)

Image capture and documentation is possible with Lynx EVO when used with the Smart Cam camera module.

Camera data
Sensor type CMOS
Resolution (H x W) 1600 x 1200 pixels
Sensor size 1/3″
Pixel size 2.8µm
Colour depth 8-bit
Refresh rate (fps) 18.3 fps max.
File formats BMP, JPG, PNG, AVI
Supplied software uEye Cockpit
(other solutions available)
Software upgrade DimensionOne™ for addition capabilities and on-screen measurement


360° rotating viewer (option)

360° rotating view
Zoom range 4.2x (16x*) – 42x
Working distance 1.40″ (35.5mm)
Field of view at min. zoom 0.4″ (10.2mm)*
Field of view at max. zoom 0.15″ (3.8mm)
Viewing angle 34° from vertical

* Uninterrupted

Direct view
Zoom range 6.8x (15x*) – 68x
Working distance 2.22″ (56.5mm)
Field of view at min. zoom 0.47″ (12mm) (uninterrupted)
Field of view at max. zoom 0.10″ (2.5mm)
Viewing angle
* Uninterrupted Illumination
  • 8-point LED ringlight with intensity control with in-built adjustable diffuser
  • 5-point LED transmitted (substage) illumination (option)
Power supply units
  • Standard power unit (EVP070) – Providing illumination control to either the ringlight or 360° rotating viewer.
  • Enhanced power unit (EVP080) – Providing illumination control to either the ringlight or 360° rotating viewer as well as the transmitted (substage) illuminator of the Ergo stand.


Ergo stand
  • A = 11.02″ (280 mm)
  • B = 16.53″ (420 mm)
  • C = 26.38″ (670 mm) max.
  • D = 7.87″(200 mm) (less working distance)
  • E = 7.87″ (200 mm)
Multi-axis stand
  • F = 17.52″ (455 mm) max.
  • G = 25.00″ (635 mm)
  • H = 16.73″ (425 mm)
  • I = 10.63″ (270 mm) max. (less working distance)
  • J = 11.22″ (285 mm) max.

* without platform base.

  • Smart Cam with software
  • 360° rotating viewer
  • Objectives
  • Transmitted (substage) illumination
  • Floating stage
  • Reticles


What objective lens do I require?

There are five different objective lenses available (0.45x, 0.62x, 1.0x, 1.5x and 2.0x). Your choice will be dependent on the required magnification and working distance. For details, please refer to the Technical tab.

What camera can I use to capture images/video with Lynx EVO?

Lynx EVO is designed to be used with the integrated Smart Cam HD camera, providing seamless image and video capture via PC. Smart Cam is supplied with image capture and annotation software (uEye Cockpit), permitting quick and easy reporting of inspected products.

What imaging software is available with Smart Cam?

Included uEye software provides essential image annotation / mark-up capability, as well as functions to adjust the camera controls and capture an image.

Additionally, DimensionOne™ software is available as an upgrade, providing enhanced annotation, as well as on-screen measurement capabilities.

What is the benefit of a 10:1 zoom ratio?

Users can work over a larger magnification range – from low to high – without needing to change the objective lens, thereby saving time and increasing efficiency.

What is the benefit of a parfocal zoom?

A parfocal zoom system, or parfocality means that once Lynx EVO is focused, the image will remain in focus throughout the entire zoom range.

What is the benefit of the built-in iris?

The built-in iris on Lynx EVO provides the operator with the ability to enhance the depth of field (focus) which can greatly assist in viewing uneven objects.

Can I attach filters to the objective lens?

Yes. A standard 52mm thread allows filters to be added to the 0.45x, 0.62x and 1.0x objectives.

Are accessories for the original Lynx system compatible with Lynx EVO?

No. Lynx EVO is a completely new generation of eyepiece-less stereo microscope, with greater specifications and enhanced functionality and as such, parts are not compatible with the original Lynx system.

What illumination options are there?

The controllable LED rightlight includes an adjustable diffuser to allow the light to be softened for highly reflective surfaces.

Designed for use with the Ergo stand, a transmitted (substage) illumination module (option) permits viewing of a wider range of sample types, such as translucent samples.

What advantages does Lynx EVO offer for PCB inspection?

Lynx EVO is very widely used for PCB electronics inspection. The eyepiece-less design provides stunning 3D imaging, with enhanced depth perception making hand-eye co-ordination easy. Additionally, users can work for prolonged periods without the strain and fatigue associated with eyepiece stereo microscopes.

The 360° rotating viewer for Lynx EVO is the ultimate inspection accessory, permitting a full 360° rotating view of the subject (at an angle of 34°) and is hugely popular for PCB inspection. The rotating angled view allows highly detailed views all the way around solder joints. Operators can simply switch between rotating and a conventional direct view for ultimate flexibility.

Is Lynx EVO suitable for use within laminar flow cabinets?

Yes – we have a large number of systems being used in this way. The eyepiece-less design means that you can easily view and operate Lynx EVO without having to cut holes for eyepieces in the glass of the cabinet.

Is Lynx EVO suitable for use within clean room environments?

Yes – a very large number of our customers use Lynx EVO in clean room environments, such as in the manufacture of medical devices. The eyepiece-less design of Lynx EVO also means that contamination from multiple operators is minimised, since users’ eyes do not come into contact with microscope eyepieces.

How does Lynx EVO work?

Lynx EVO is a true optical stereo microscope. High resolution, true-colour optical images are viewed through an ergonomic eyepiece-less viewing head. Light reflects from the patented Dynascope® optics, exiting the single viewing lens as twin (stereo) light paths. The large diameter of these exit rays means that users do not need to precisely align their eyes with the viewing lens in order to see the image.

The result is an incredibly easy-to-view, high resolution 3D (stereo) image, without the need for eyepieces.

Twin (Stereo) optical paths projected from the Dynascope® viewing head 

Twin (Stereo) optical paths projected from the Dynascope® viewing head

What is Dynascope® optical technology?

Lynx EVO employs an evolution of Vision Engineering’s patented Dynascope® eyepiece-less optical projection technology. Dynascope technology removes the need for conventional microscope eyepieces, providing the user with brilliant, high contrast imaging, unrivalled ergonomic performance and amazing ease of use.

At the heart of Dynascope optical technology is a spinning multi-lenticular (multi-lens) disc. On the surface of the disk there are more than 3.5 million individual lenses (known as lenticules), which act as independent image-forming surfaces. Each individual lens has a diameter of just a few microns (1 micron = 0.001mm). The multi-lenticular disk spins at high speed to merge the millions of individual optical paths into an aberration-free, high-clarity image.

Read more on Dynascope® eyepiece-less technology.

Additional information

Ergonimic 'Eyepiece-less"


Image Capture



Low (20x max)

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