International Logistics

Our highly experienced multinational teams ensure products are delivered all over the world by sea, air, or road; within specified time frames. International commercial terms (Incoterms) are all part of logistics handling at Vision Engineering’s domestic and overseas facilities.Logistics

Shipping is available by air, road and sea, or express from or to most worldwide destinations.

  • Sea shipment using consolidated containers is possible
  • Special requirement shipping (temperature, fragile goods) can also be arranged
  • All required shipment documentation is available, along with SGS or equivalent pre inspection, certificates of origin
  • Warehousing or secure storage at destination is available

Turning your ideas into reality

Good product idea, but need help with:

  • Concepts
  • Prototyping
  • Competitive manufacturing
  • Certification
  • Aggressive global purchasing
  • Marketing
  • Sales channel development
  • Distributor recruitment

Vision Engineering Manufacturing Services has helped many customers develop and exploit the potential of their ideas.

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