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Discontinued Products

Vision Engineering is constantly investing in research and development of new products and technologies. Where a product has been superseded the alternative product is indicated below. Please check with your local Vision Engineering representative whether spare parts and servicing is still available for these discontinued products.
Registered users are able to access the original user guide, original sales brochure and other support materials for these discontinued products. Have a question about a discontinued products or want to find a suitable upgrade? Please contact us.

  • ND 122

    Entry-level 2D Geometric Digital Readout

    A durable microprocessor for measuring microscopes offers rugged simplicity, ideal for shop floor use, reducing operator error, whilst minimising training time.

    • Entry-level 2-axis measurement
    • Robust outer casing and splash proof keyboard for shop floor conditions
    • Simplicity of operation – ideal for multiple users
  • ND 1200

    Quick Accurate 2D Geometric Digital Readout

    ND 1200 geometric digital readouts provide the control interface for the measurement and inspection of 2D geometric components with measuring microscopes. Patented features reduce repetitive measurements and simplify complex work steps.

    • Programming of 2D features, parts, sequences for improved efficiency
    • Measure Magic® feature recognition helps increase throughput
    • User interface ensures operator accuracy and reduces training time
  • EVO Cam - Digital Microscope

    High Performance Full-HD Digital Microscope

    An advanced full-HD digital microscope with stunning full-HD 1080p / 60fps live video image quality, simplifying magnification tasks to allow you to focus on the detail. Effortlessly capture full-HD images direct to USB memory stick.

    • Discontinued - superceded by EVO Cam II
    • Stunning full-HD 1080p / 60fps live video
    • Large 30:1 optical zoom with magnification up to 300x
    • Stand-alone simplicity, with image capture direct to USB memory stick (without a PC)
  • CamZ

    Handheld digital magnifier

    CamZ is an amazing handheld digital magnifier, providing ultimate convenience for a wide range of imaging tasks. With CamZ, you can magnify, inspect and capture images all at the touch of a button.

    • 4x - 14x magnification
    • Portable inspection and documentation
    • Store up to 100 images
  • SX25

    Entry-Level Stereo Microscope

    Low cost and high quality, the SX25 entry-level zoom stereo microscope delivers performance, flexibility and reliability. Quality optics ensures superb stereo viewing.

    • Replaced by SX25 Elite
    • 10x - 45x magnification (180x max.)
    • Low cost, robust, high quality binocular stereo microscope
    • Range of stand options to suit requirements
  • SX45

    Industrial Stereo Zoom Microscope

    The SX45 industrial inspection stereo microscope with its extra long working distance, precision optics and compact design is the perfect solution to many industrial, manufacturing, and biological applications.

    • 8x - 50x magnification (200x max.)
    • Extra-long working distance
    • Wide range of configurations
  • SX45-TR

    Trinocular Stereo Microscope

    The SX45-TR trinocular stereo microscope with its precision optics and compact design is the perfect solution to many industrial, biological, and life science applications that need image capture.

    • Replaced by SX45-TR Elite
    • 8x - 50x magnification (200x max.)
    • 6.3:1 zoom ratio
    • Extra-long working distance

    Lightweight illuminated bench magnifier

    LFM LED is a lightweight magnifier with an all-metal construction, light-emitting diode (LED) light sources, and a flexible spring-balanced arm. It is well suited for professional industrial with a need for precise magnification.

    • 3 and 5 dioptre (1.75x and 2.3x magnification)
    • 3 step dimmable illumination
    • Superior optical glass lens
  • Xpress

    Ultra-fast FOV Video Measuring System

    Xpress delivers ultra-fast, accurate 2D measurement within the field of view (FOV), at the touch of a button. No need to focus. No need to position your parts. Instantly and accurately measure hundreds of features within the field of view in seconds.

    • Rapid, high accuracy 2D measurement within the field of view.
    • Exceptional ease of use – eliminates operator variances.
    • Reduce measurement time – significantly.
  • Kestrel Elite

    Toolmakers Measuring Microscope

    Kestrel Elite is a simple, robust, optical measuring microscope, providing accurate measurements of a wide range of precision components, even difficult subjects such as black or transparent plastics.

    • Measuring range 200mm x 100mm
    • Powerful and intuitive, delivering accurate results with confidence
    • Impressive repeatability and reproducibility
  • Swift

    Compact Video Measuring System

    Swift is one of the most intuitive, easy to use video measuring systems available. Swift provides simple, fast and accurate measurements of a wide range of precision parts making it perfect for shop-floor and manufacturing inspection applications.

    • Discontinued (replaced by Swift PRO Cam)
    • Measuring range 200 x 100mm
    • Low capital investment, high accuracy measurement system
    • Compact with a small footprint
  • Swift Duo

    Dual Optical & Video Measuring System

    Two measurement systems in one! With Swift-Duo, previously difficult-to-view samples can now be measured and inspected on the same system, in the same routine, by the same operator.

    • Discontinued (superceded by Swift PRO Duo)
    • Measuring range up to 8" x4"
    • Low capital investment, high accuracy measurement system
    • Rugged with a small footprint
  • VisionZ2

    Full HD Video Inspection System

    Real time precision video inspection with the power of full-HD (1080p) digital imaging. VisionZ2 has magnification options up to 122x and;provides superb high contrast imaging, with ultimate simplicity for any task requiring precision magnification.

    • Discontinued
    • High resolution full-HD 1080p imaging
    • Range of zoom magnification options, up to 122x
    • Integral image capture via USB
  • VisionZ

    HD Video Inspection System

    Utilize the power of HD digital imaging with the VisionZ video inspection systems. With magnification options up to 120x, VisionZ provides high contrast imaging, with ultimate simplicity for any task requiring precision magnification.

    • Discontinued
    • High resolution HD 720p imaging
    • Range of zoom magnification options, up to 120x
    • Long working distance, up to 333mm
  • Mantis Elite-Cam

    Stereo Microscope with Integrated USB Camera

    Mantis Elite-Cam is a variant of the successful Mantis Elite ergonomic stereo microscope with an internally integrated USB2.0 camera, bringing together outstanding optical performance and effortless image capture
    • Discontinued (superceded by Mantis Elite-Cam HD)
    • 2x - 20x magnification
    • Factory integrated and sealed 1.3 MP USB 2.0 camera
    • Simple image capture or powerful annotation and measurement software
  • Ergo80

    Ergonomic Stereo Microscope

    Ergo80 combines solid performance, with exceptional ergonomics in a high quality, infinity corrected zoom stereo microscope.

    • Discontinued
    • 8x - 64x magnification (128x max.)
    • Patented ergonomic stereo microscope
    • Modular with range of stand options