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Vision Engineering named ‘Optical Instrumentation Company of the Year’ by Industrial Process News

ByOctober 4, 2019News, News Releases

Vision Engineering has been awarded the Optical Instrumentation Company of the Year Award for our outstanding commitment to the advancement of both our world-leading products and expert staff, adding value to an extensive range of industries.

Initially Vision Engineering were nominated as Optical Instrumentation Company of the Month in June of this year. Following this the company was then given the annual award.

The primary award criteria required that eligible companies show a clear commitment to innovative product development. Vision Engineering’s strategy of developing products to meet the demands of the latest technological trends certainly fit within this scope.

An instance of this can been seen with the launch of the Deep Reality Viewer (DRV-Z1) earlier this year. The DRV-Z1 focussed on solving the operator constraints experienced within the latest Virtual Reality technology, together with the drive to improve the communication of Real Time Information.

In essence, the DRV-Z1 is the world’s first high resolution 3D stereo viewer that doesn’t require the user to wear specialist glasses or headsets. This addresses the issue of sensory isolation and disorientation experience by headset users, meaning operators can work comfortably within the 3D realm whilst still interacting with their ‘real’ environment. This allows users to work for longer periods of time in comfort and to use auxiliary equipment without having to remove glasses or headgear.
The communication capabilities of the DRV are also very exciting, permitting users to interact in real-time, between units, over wired or wireless media. This allows detailed and accurate 3D images to be shared within a multinational operation, around multiple location supply chains or between centres of excellence.

Vision Engineering’s dedication to innovation also extends to existing products, with constant improvements being made to keep up with the ever-changing demands of users and new technologies. It has been 25 years since the Mantis eyepieceless stereo microscope was first unveiled. Since then numerous upgrades have been introduced to meet changing demands within the field of inspection. These include the introduction of the Mantis Elite and the Mantis Elite-Cam HD. Development of the Mantis continues with a fourth generation close to completion.



A secondary criteria for the award was that of commitment to development and well-being of staff. The number of long-term members of staff working at the company clearly demonstrates that Vision Engineering has a very successful staff retention programme. The on-going training opportunities and apprenticeship schemes operated by the company ensure that staff are able and willing to participate in developing products and growing the company.

Managing Director of Vision Engineering, Mark Curtis, has this to say “It’s great to receive this Company of the Year Award. The interesting thing is that it’s also great internally; it’s good for people to feel like the broader world is taking note of their hard work.”

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