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How to correctly set-up and focus a stereo microscope

ByAugust 21, 2014Articles

Quickly and easily set-up and focus your stereo microscope.

  • Turn on the illumination – adjust the light source so that it illuminates the subject.
  • Set the dioptre setting(s) to zero.

  • With the eyes about 10mm away from the eyepieces, adjust the distance between the eyepieces (interpupillary distance) until you see a single image.
  • Adjust the illumination brightness to the desired levels.
  • Zoom up to the highest magnification.
  • Closing the right eye (or the same eyepiece as the dioptre adjustment), adjust the focus until you get a sharp image.
  • Closing the left eye, adjust the eyepiece dioptre until you obtain a sharp image.
    (Make a note of your dioptre setting for future convenience.)

Note: Dioptre adjustment is performed on just one of the eyepieces.

  • Your stereo microscope is now correctly focused. Your sample will be in focus throughout the zoom range.