Multi-purpose Industrial LED Bench Magnifier

This advanced industrial bench magnifier has a robust all-metal construction with sleek design, a flexible arm and excellent light output. It is suitable for all industrial applications.

  • 3 and 5 diopter (1.75x and 2.25x magnification)
  • Shadow-free magnification and excellent colour rendering.
  • ESD version to dissipate static charges.

Multi-purpose Industrial LED Bench Magnifier

KFM LED and KFM LED ESD models have a robust all-metal construction with sleek design, a flexible arm and excellent light output. It is suitable for all industrial applications.

The flexibility of the joint between lamp’s head and the arm makes exact positioning very easy. The quality of the LEDs allows for virtually shadow-free magnification and excellent color rendering.

KFM LED ESD is designed to dissipate static charges as they occur in a controlled manner.


KFM LED round lens bench magnifier is ideal for a variety of precision tasks, including: electronics rework, deburring, sample preparation, dissection, assembly and manipulation.

A flexible, self-balancing shade and fully-enclosed, hands-free neck design is ideal for environments where foreign object debris (FOD) is a concern.

Shadow-free magnification

The quality and positioning of the LEDs across two semi-circular modules allow for virtually shadow-free illumination and excellent color rendering.

Flexible working positions

Our magnifiers are specially designed to maximize horizontal and vertical movement. They provide significant horizontal reach, and will always stay in the right position without drifting.

The arms are balanced by spring systems which ensure smooth and easy positioning – no knobs to tighten, nothing to adjust.

The flexibility of the self-balancing arm and friction-free joint between the lamp head and arm makes exact positioning easy. The fully-enclosed neck design is ideal for mechanical, electronics, circuit boards, dental and jewelry and other precision applications.

Importance of light quality

Good lighting reduces the risk of health problems, increases safety, and enhances productivity.

Hence great importance is place on the light quality of our illuminated magnifiers, having powerful luminators with excellent light output. The quality and exact positioning of the light sources in relation to the lens allows for virtually shadow-free magnification and excellent color rendering capabilities.

Glass lens for superb clarity and comfort

The quality of KFM LED starts with the high performance optical glass lens means superb clarity. The crown glass lens has a lower refractive index than plastic lens bench magnifiers, which reduces the loss of light in transmission through the lens and therefore less distortion of the image.

Less distortion makes for more comfortable viewing over longer periods of time.


STAYS Lenses

Self-Traction Accessory Yield System for use with KFM LED, WAVE LED, LFM LED, IFM, and Circus LED Magnifiers. 2” lens diameter (2.5” diameter including the silicon gasket frame).
50404 4 diopter STAYS Lens
50406 6 diopter STAYS Lens
50410 10 diopter STAYS Lens

KFM LED Handles

For use with KFM LED bench magnifiers.
SPD026588 KFM LED Handle, black
SPD026587 KFM LED Handle,light grey
SPD026586 KFM LED Handle, white

Floor Stand Trolley

863mm (34″) Painted steel pole and cast iron base includes both casters and glides
50036BK Rolling Floor Stand, black
50036LG Rolling Floor Stand, light grey
50036WT Rolling Floor Stand, white
SPA025674 Extra weight for Rolling Floor Stand, white (required for Circus magnifiers)

A-Edge Mount Bracket

For mounting products to horizontal surfaces. Maximum 57mm (2.25”) opening.
60001BK A Edge Mount Bracket, black
60001LG A Edge Mount Bracket, light gray

C-Surface Mount Bracket

For permanent mounting to tables or other horizontal surfaces.
50005BK C Surface Mount Bracket, black
50005LG C Surface Mount Bracket, light grey

FE Base

For use with 762mm (30”) arm magnifiers (USA only).
50010BK FE Base, black
50010LG FE Base, light gray
50010WT FE Base, white

AH Mount Bracket


To discuss your particular requirements in further detail, please contact your local Vision Engineering representative.


 Lens 3 diopter (1.75X) or 5 diopter (2.25X) round white crown glass lens
 Secondary  lenses 4, 6 or 10 diopters STAYS secondary suction lenses can be attached to the crown glass lens
 Illumination 2 x semi-circular 9W LED modules
Brightness 3000 lux at 330mm (13″) focal length
Correlated colour temperature (CCT) is 4000°K
Dimmable 1-100% control
 Arm  technology Self-balancing arm with friction-free joint between the lamp head and arm. Heavy duty internal spring, 1143mm (45″)  30″ for USA only parallel three-pivot K-arm
 Mounting Edge clamp or other table clamps, integrated table mounts and trolley available (For USA only – weighted base available for 30″ arm)
Body material KFM LED steel arm, shade in aluminium, light grey
KFM LED ESD steel arm, shade in aluminium or black
 Timer Auto shut-off function after 4 or 9 hours
 Power  consumption 11 Watts
 Power supply Operating voltage 230V – 240V 50/60 Hz
 Accessories Dust cover included. Refer to accessories tab for other options

Magnification Table

This table provides a complete overview of the total magnification options available by adding secondary lenses to the illuminated magnifiers.

lens diopter
lens diopter
Total magnification Total
Focal length
Wave® LED, Circus LED (incl. ESD-Safe and UV models)
3.5 1.88X 3.5 285mm (11″)
3.5 4.0 2.88X 7.5 130mm (5″)
3.5 6.0 3.38X 9.5 105mm (4″)
3.5 10.0 4.38X 13.5 75mm (3″)
5.0 2.25X 5 200mm (8″)
5.0 4.0 3.25X 9 110mm (4.3″)
5.0 6.0 3.75X 11 90mm (3.5″)
5.0 10.0 4.75X 15 50mm (2″)
KFM™ LED, LFM LED, KFM, IFM (incl. ESD-Safe models)
3.0 1.75X 3 330mm (13″)
3.0 4.0 2.75X 7 140mm (5.5″)
3.0 6.0 3.25X 9 110mm (4.3″)
3.0 10.0 4.25X 13 70mm (2.8″)
5.0 2.25X 5 200mm (8″)
5.0 4.0 3.25X 9 110mm (4.2″)
5.0 6.0 3.75X 11 90mm (3.5″)
5.0 10.0 4.75X 15 50mm (2″)


Can I have a higher diopter lens?

There are two options available 3 and 5 diopter models, please specify which diopter lens you wish when ordering. The lenses are fixed and not interchangeable.

To increase magnification further there are a number of secondary lenses available (refer to magnification table in Technical section).

Generally 3 and 3.5 diopters provides the best balance between magnification and working distance for more industrial uses.

What is the benefit of a glass lens over a plastic lens?

There are number of reasons that mineral glass lenses provide exceptional clarity and robustness over that of plastic lenses.

High quality glass mineral lens offers less distortion than plastic as it has a better surface form and refraction index, so allowing more light through providing better optical clarity of the image.

Plastic can be easily scratched and is less durable than glass and can be accidentally melted through contact with a hot source such as solder or splatter as well as being less resistant to chemical and solvents.

Glass lenses bench magnifiers are usually higher quality than plastic lens versions and are more suited to industrial, scientific and manufacturing applications.

Can I easily adjust the illumination?

Yes. There is 10% – 100% dimmable illumination control.

What is a diopter?

diopter (US), or dioptre (UK) is a unit of measurement of the optical power of a lens or curved mirror.

As the diopter increases, the lens becomes thicker, making the object look bigger. The higher the diopter, the more magnification the lens provides. A flat window has an optical power of zero diopters, and does not converge or diverge light.

It is also important to note that the power of the lens is inversely related to the focal distance (working distance). Meaning, as the power of the lens increases, so the focal distance decreases, making it more difficult to perform tasks with high magnification lenses.

See Mantis Compact low magnification stereo microscope if higher magnification is required.

Magnification is calculated by simply dividing the diopter by 4, then adding 1.

e.g. 3 diopter lens = 3/4 + 1 = 1.75x

Therefore, objects viewed through a 3 diopter lens will appear 175% bigger than normal.

Additional information

Ergonimic 'Eyepiece-less"


Image Capture



Low (20x max)

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